Designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings, as its name implies, the Xtreme CNC CMM provides a robust solution for providing precision inspection results. The unique CMM’s advantageous configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that [...]

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Axiom Too

Fast, accurate and reliable, the Axiom too CMM comes in four different sizes with Y axis travel up to 1500mm. Available as either a manual machine or with full CNC control, the Axiom too can be used with touch trigger probe, continuous contact scanning probe or with Aberlink’s revolutionary non-contact camera system. The all-aluminium [...]

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Zenith 3

The Zenith 3 CNC CMM is the result of a design evolution of the award-winning Zenith too range of machines. Many of the design improvements revolve around the right leg of the machine, which has been modelled on the hugely successful Azimuth machine. Greater air bearing separation results in greater stiffness, and so has [...]

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Kreon Ace Skyline

The speed of the new scanner Skyline allows to digitize any part in record time. Its accuracy detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. The Skyline scanner integrated on Ace arm is an ergonomic system perfect for scanning without efforts. Max scanning speed 600.000 pts/sec Accuracy 15 μm Max laser line [...]

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AirTrack Robot

First 3D laser scanners integrated in Metrolog, Kreon laser scanners range of products are now interfaced with Metrolog X4 i-Robot application. The trigger probe (TP2/20/200) directly attached (*) on the Kreon scanner provides a unique automated contact and non-contact tracking solution. (*) Kreon patented Arm Model [...]

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AirTrack Handheld

Due to its partnership with the leader of the optical tracking solutions NDI, Kreon has finalized the integration of the PRO CMM optical tracker for both handheld and robotic scanning and probing purposes. Kreon Zephyr II Blue and Solano Blue range of products are suitable for the new "machine support". In combination with a [...]

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Kreon Ace

The innovative styling of the Kreon Ace 6 axes arm covers a high-level technology and top-quality material. The arm is temperature regulated and is capable to use either in metrological department or in the workshop. The Kreon Ace 6 axes arm can be operated without power supply due to its integrated battery and wireless [...]

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Kreon Baces

Kreon Baces is a portable measurement arm, designed to acquire 3 dimensional coordinates from points, curves and surfaces with simple user operations.  Kreon Baces is the ideal instrument for digitizing, reverse-engineering and metrology applications. Kreon Baces has a guaranteed permanent lifetime calibration resulting from the mechanical design in aluminium and carbon fibber, aimed to [...]

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