Pointshape Inspector

Powerful Industrial
3D Metrology

PointShape Inspector is the right tool for every inspection job. Easy to use and affordable industrial level inspecting solution, PointShape Inspector is a powerful 3D metrology software that allows to import all major CAD programs’ raw data and most of hardware manufacturers’ scan data. It enables users to get real-time results from various inspection points and it’s feature-rich functionality will provide the most accurate analysis outcomes. In addition to the powerful inspection features, PointShape Inspector also provides user friendly Scan Data Processing & Polygon Editing, Healing features.



The software is equipped with various alignment types such as Initial, Manual, Automatic, Selection, RPS, Datum and 1-2-3 Alignment. These entire range of tools ensure the most accurate aligning options for all types of data.


PointShape Inspector offers the outstanding comparison tools that allow easily check deviation of whole, section, or point of the part by comparing CAD to scan data with a single mouse click.


With these easy to use and comprehensive measurement tools, engineers can get a quick and accurate results.

Automatic Report

Report & Screen Shot features allow to print graphically rich and complete inspection results by PDF file format.

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