Kreon Ace Skyline

The speed of the new scanner Skyline allows to digitize any part in record time. Its accuracy detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. The Skyline scanner integrated on Ace arm is an ergonomic system perfect for scanning without efforts.


Max scanning speed 600.000 pts/sec
Accuracy 15 μm
Max laser line width 200 mm
Max frequency 300 Hz
Laser line color Blue
Line resolution 50 μm
Stand-off distance 96 mm
Field of view 130 mm


Scanning Arm

Probing performance
Arm Model Working Volume Scanning Performance Single point repeatability Volumetric accuracy
Ace-7-20 2.00 m 0.042 mm 0.022 mm 0.032 mm
Ace-7-25 2.50 m 0.048 mm 0.027 mm 0.038 mm
Ace-7-30 3.00 m 0.061 mm 0.042 mm 0.051 mm
Ace-7-35 3.50 m 0.072 mm 0.054 mm 0.062 mm
Ace-7-40 4 m 0.084 mm 0.069 mm 0.074 mm
Ace-7-45 4.5 m 0.099 mm 0.078 mm 0.089 mm

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