Kreon Ace Plus

New measuring arm Kreon ACE+

The best of ACE arm, and even more

The Kreon ACE+ arm is our new 3D measuring solution for the most challenging parts. With unprecedented levels of precision, it satisfies all digital needs, for both scanning and probing. The new ACE+ rounds off our range. The ACE arm continues to be available.
Kreon Ace+

ISO compliance

Fully compliant with the ISO 10360-12 standard, the ACE+ arm ensures greater precision, more consistent measurements over its volume, and higher repeatability.

Advanced calibration

A state-of-the-art calibration process makes the ACE+ particularly accurate./p>

Optimized encoders

Precision is further enhanced by new ways of optimising the accuracy of the encoders used for the ACE+ articulations.

Ace+ 7 axis
Arm modelE UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
Ace+7-250.033 mm0.012 mm0.022 mm0.047 mm0.025 mm
Ace+7-300.057 mm0.017 mm0.030 mm0.074 mm0.039 mm
Ace+7-350.067 mm0.021 mm0.037 mm0.089 mm0.045 mm
Ace+7-400.084 mm0.026 mm0.042 mm0.105 mm0.054 mm
Ace+7-450.105 mm0.040 mm0.051 mm0.114 mm0.067 mm

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