AirTrack Handheld

//AirTrack Handheld

Due to its partnership with the leader of the optical tracking solutions NDI, Kreon has finalized the integration of the PRO CMM optical tracker for both handheld and robotic scanning and probing purposes.
Kreon Zephyr II Blue and Solano Blue range of products are suitable for the new “machine support”. In combination with a hard probe for manual measurement and with a Renishaw trigger probe (TP 2/20/200), they become a unique solution for geometric and freeform inspection applications.

Arm Model Working Volume Probing performance
Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy
Baces M100 2.60 m 0.028 mm 0.044 mm
Baces G100 3.20 m 0.045 mm 0.064 mm
Baces M200 2.60 m 0.040 mm 0.065 mm
Baces G200 3.20 m 0.068 mm 0.095 mm
Baces XG200 4.20 m 0.098 mm 0.210 mm
Baces XL200 4.60 m 0.120 mm 0.350 mm
Probing performance
Arm Model Working Volume Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy Paired with Zephyr II Paired with Solano
Baces M100 2.60 m 0.035 mm 0.052 mm 0.062 mm 0.075 mm
Baces G100 3.20 m 0.058 mm 0.077 mm 0.097 mm 0.095 mm
Baces M200 2.60 m 0.050 mm 0.080 mm
Baces G200 3.20 m 0.076 mm 0.100 mm