As CMMs get larger, it is not simply a case of scaling up the design of smaller models. Stiffness of the structure is critical, but weight must also be kept to a minimum. The Azimuth CMM is not only Aberlink’s largest in their range of CMM products, but it is the culmination of over twenty years’ experience and excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative metrology equipment incorporating the very latest materials technology.

The revolutionary bridge of the Azimuth incorporates aluminium honeycomb sheets developed for use in formula one and the aerospace industry. The remarkable stiffness to weight ratio that this provides gives the Azimuth an edge in both performance and speed. For a machine of this size, the Azimuth is not only fast, but extremely accurate.

The drive systems designed for the Azimuth offer simplicity and reliability and the novel system used on the Y axis ensures that there is no degradation of performance across the full range of machine sizes offered up to 3m.

A big machine should also be able to measure a heavy component and this is another area where Aberlink has applied innovative thinking. Rather than simply increasing the depth of the granite table, which adds huge cost and weight to the machine, we offer a specially designed load plate to sit on the granite base. This plate can accept up to a six ton load which will then be transmitted directly through the feet of the machine bench directly to the floor, meaning no loss of metrology performance whatsoever – just another clever idea!

Key Features:

  • Capable of measuring parts up to 6000kg in weight
  • Fitted with 0.0001mm linear encoders for superior accuracy
  • Unique self-contained drive system ensures excellent performance over the entire measuring volume
  • Choice of Y axis sizes ranging from 1000mm to 3000mm
Azimuth CMM
Azimuth CMM
Azimuth CMM

Common Probe Options:

  • PH10T (w/TP20, TP200)
  • PH20
  • PH10M (w/SP25)
  • PH6M (w/SP25)

Machine Options:

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • CCD Camera System
  • Collimated Back Light Option
  • Load plate for loads up to 6 tonnes
Azimuth CMM
Technical Information
Axis Travel (mm) X 1200
Y 2000, 3000
Z 1000
Overall Size (mm) X 1940
Y 3000, 4000
Z 3595
Motion CNC
Structure Bridge
Suitable for Inspection Room
Drive Type Belt
*Volumetric Accuracy TP20
(2.9 + L/250)µm
(2.8 + L/250)µm
(2.6 + L/250)µm
Scale Resolution 0.1µm
**Optimum Temp Range 18 – 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 – 45°C
Table Construction Solid Granite
Table Load Capacity 1500kg
Max. Velocity Vector 600mm/sec²
Max. Acceleration Vector 600mm/sec²
Air Required Yes
Air Consumption 65 l/min (1.8 cfm)
Required Air Pressure 5 bar (72 psi)
Aberlink Camera Support Yes
Probe Head Comparison
Integral Probe Index Motion Maximum Length Index Resolution Index Positions Repeatable Indexing Repeatable Stylus Changing
TP8 Yes Manual 105mm Infinite Infinite No No
MH20i Yes Manual 150mm 15° 168 Yes Yes
RTP20 Yes Automated 168mm 15° 168 Yes Yes
PH10T No Motorised 450mm 7.5° 720 Yes Yes
PH20 Yes Motorised 168mm Infinite Infinite Yes Yes
PH6M No No 450mm No No No Yes
PH10M No Motorised 450mm 7.5° 720 Yes Yes

Every bridge-type Aberlink CMM fully supports the range of probe heads and both touch trigger and scanning probes supplied by Renishaw. The following are common options:

TP8 Probe

The TP8 probe offers an entry level option for customers that require infrequent indexing of the probe and no indexing during the running of a measurement programme. The TP8 is supplied with two knuckle joints to allow infinite alignment of the probe to the feature being measured, but this alignment is non-repeatable, meaning that the stylus will need to be requalified following each index. The TP8 probe accepts the M3 range of styli.

MH20i Probe Head

The MH20i probe offers repeatable manual indexing of the probe head from 0° to 90° in the A axis and through 360° in the B axis, in 15° increments. Ideal for manual CMMs, it can also be used on CNC models, but will require intervention from the operator whenever indexing is required. The MH20i uses a TP20 stylus module, which in turn accepts the M2 range of styli.

RTP20 Probe Head

The RTP20 probe offers a really cost effective solution for customers that require automatic indexing on CNC machines. Modelled on the MH20i body, the RTP20 uses the CNC motion of the CMM to position itself using a post mounted to the bed of the machine. Like the MH20i it is able to index from 0° to 90° in the A axis and through 360° in the B axis, in 15° increments and uses a TP20 stylus module, which in turn accepts the M2 range of styli. The RTP20 is also fully compatible with the MCR20 change rack to provide an option that provides both automatic stylus changing as well as automatic indexing.

PH10T probe head fitted with TP20 probe

PH10T Probe Head

The PH10T is a fully motorised probe head that offers immediate indexing from 0° to 105° in the A axis and through 360° in the B axis, in 7.5° increments. This probe head should be used by customers requiring frequent indexing or when more precise alignment to the features being measured is required.

Common probe options for the PH10T:


The TP20 is a robust probe for general purpose measurement that can be used in conjunction with the MCR20 change rack to facilitate automatic stylus changing. The TP20 stylus modules can be supplied with different trigger forces which accept M2 styli up to 60mm long, and with different length modules to assist with probing at greater depths.


The TP200 probe utilises strain gauge technology and so does not exhibit lobing characteristics and therefore should be considered by customers requiring more accurate measurement of form. It can be used with the SCR200 change rack for automatic stylus changing and the TP200 modules are available as standard or low force for use with M2 styli up to 100mm long.

PH10M with SP25M scanning probe

PH10M Probe Head

Like the PH10T probe head, the PH10M is also a fully motorised probe head that offer immediate indexing from 0° to 105° in the A axis and through 360° in the B axis, in 7.5° increments. The M head, however, incorporates an autojoint with multiwire capability, which is necessary for the SP25M scanning probe. The PH10M probe head can also be fitted with either TP20 or TP200 probes and should be chosen in preference to the PH10T when using these probes if the future use of a scanning technology may be required.

PH6M Probe Head

This head provides a fixed autojoint for when an SP25M scanning probe is needed without the requirement for indexing.

<- PH6M with SP25M scanning probe

SP25M Scanning Probe

The SP25M scanning probe uses an isolated optical metrology transducer system to enable extremely accurate measurements to be taken with the stylus in continuous contact with the feature being inspected. This enables more data to be taken which is important when form is critical. A range of modules are available for the SP25M to provide optimised scanning performance using M3 styli up to 400mm long.

PH20 Probe Head

Incorporating the latest 5-axis technology, the PH20 head offers infinite indexing to assist with alignment to any feature being measured at any angle up to 120°. The probe is able to perform ‘head touches’, where it flicks the stylus on to the surface of the component being measured, while the machine remains stationary. This increases both the speed of measuring and accuracy achievable. Please note that if selecting the PH20 head, then the machine would also have to be fitted with a Renishaw CMM controller. The PH20 uses TP20 stylus modules, which in turn accept the M2 range of styli.

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