Measuring Sustainability

Are your manufacturing efficiency levels harmful to Mother Earth?

Manufacturing your future, in 3D

CALDEAZ’s sustainability potential is described by its approach to People, our Planet, and Profitability.


Ludrick Barnard, as seasoned engineer, entrepreneur, leader and manager, provides personal attention through all facets of CALDEAZ’s business. He has retained key strategic relationships, built over the years, for peripheral services such as:

  • Processing of scans
  • Provision of 3D printers
  • Machine servicing
  • Prototyping and product development


The missionary core of CALDEAZ’s business model is Green. Not necessarily in terms of materials or energy type used in our processes, but in terms of, e.g. Greater efficiency, in the sense of

  • Less waste
  • Quicker detection of faults
  • Less additional transport due to client quality control
  • A move away from traditional quality control, to a more quality assurance approach
  • Blue laser technology scanning on shiny surfaces negating the need for non-reflective coating and cleaning of parts

Less process steps, less room for error, less materials, less time, faster to market, within tolerance


It is important for CALDEAZ to remain profitable, to always offer our clientele the best, in terms of service capabilities, the most advanced hardware and software.

A balanced view is taken to profitability, with sufficient profits retained within the business, for growth and reinvestment.