Elegoo Jupiter SE

  • 12.8-Inch 6K Mono LCD, 51um XY resolution
  • Build volume of 277.848 x 156.264 x 300 mm³
  • Automatic resin feeding and recycling
  • With a 4-point leveling system
  • Upgraded USB Air Purifier


What’s in box


12.8″ 6K Mono LCD

Stunning Clarity and Sharpness

Spacious Build Volume

Automated Resin Management System

Stable Movement Structure

Efficient Cooling System

12.8″ 6K Mono LCD

Jupiter SE comes with a 12.8-inch 6K monochrome LCD, boasting a resolution of 5448×3064 and 51-micron XY resolution, which ensures that every intricate detail of your designs isaccurately captured, resulting in stunningly precise prints.

Spacious Space for Your Projects

With a build volume of 277.848 x 156.264 x 300 mm³/10.94×6.15×11.81 inches, this provides you ample space for more ambitious projects.

You can print larger models or multiple parts in a single batch, making it ideal for professional or commercial use.

Automated Resin Management System

Jupiter SE is designed with an automatic resin feeding and recycling device that ensures a continuous supply of resin during the printing process.

Automatic resin recycling ensures that the unused resin is collected and recycled for future use, reducing waste and saving you money.

COB +Refractive Light Source

The printer adopts a COB+refractive light source that reduces light dispersion and provides uniform and consistent light exposure, resulting in sharper details, smoother final prints, and accurate dimensions.

Efficient Cooling System

There are cooling fans and heat-conducting copper tubes on both sides of the COB light source for efficient heatdissipation, maintaining a stable temperature during the printing process to extend the service life of the printer.

Hassle-free Slicing

Jupiter SE is compatible with Tango and ChituBox. You can choose from these different slicing tools for your 3D printing needs.

Stable Movement Structure The Z-axis dual linear guide rail with an accuracy of 0.02mm, ensures stable and precise Z-axis movement during the printing process.
User-friendly Design The build plate comes with a 4-point leveling system and laser-carved surface, which provides excellent adhesion during printing and no need to repeat leveling after leveling once. The rotary handle makes it easy to install and remove the build plate.
Laser-carved Build Platform The laser-carved build plate ensures better adhesion during printing and easier removal of prints after printing is done.

What’s in box


USB Air Purifier

Build Platform
Resin Tank
Auto Resin Feeding Main Module
Bottle Cap Module*2
Cover Handle*2
Mask & Gloves
U Disk
Backup Screws
Tool Kit
User manual


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