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3D engineering solutions: 3D scanning, 3D measurement, reverse engineering & rapid prototyping. Products, services & software. Sole Kreon distributors in SA

Do you manufacture within tolerance?

CALDEAZ’s light amplifies your manufacturing, in 3D

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We Specialise in



Reverse Engineering



CALDEAZ Manufacturing Technologies will increasingly be
a trusted and leading provider
of 3D engineering solutions,
through products, services, and software,
in South Africa, SADC and Africa.


CALDEAZ Manufacturing Technologies exists because of
our abilities in providing 3D engineering solutions,
through products, services, and software,
to a vast range of manufacturers,
within the disciplines of

  • 3D scanning,
  • 3D measurement,
  • Reverse engineering, and
  • 3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping,

We are proud to be the sole distributors of Kreon 3D Technologies’ world-leading products, in South Africa.

CALDEAZ brings tactile value

It is in your best interest, as quality-minded manufacturer, to enter into a business relationship with CALDEAZ, to render value in, for example, one or more of the following ways:

  • Become part of the circle of
    quality and
    world-class products and services,
    between CALDEAZ, a leading South African brand, and Kreon, a global leader.
  • Improve your manufacturing processes to comply with ISO certification standards
  • Advance your processes to become more verifiable for contracting
  • Reduce financial waste and loss due to rework, delivery of sub-standard products, rejection after delivery, additional transport costs, etcetera
  • Take your established manufacturing processes to a bigger stage
  • Enter new markets, as start-up, micro or small manufacturer, bolstered by verifiable quality systems
  • Achieve higher manufacturing volumes within an environment of heightened quality assurance or quality control, depending on your approach to quality
  • Localize your manufacturing, i.e. bring crucial aspects of your processes closer to your premises, with CALDEAZ’s mobility – very important for optimal reverse-engineering of your parts, etcetera

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