Pointshape Inspector Details

Powerful Industrial
3D Metrology

Pointshape Inspector Details
Pointshape Inspector Details

What is PointShape™ Inspector?

PointShape Inspector basically contains all features of Editor version for point and polygon processing. (please see the Editor page for more details)

Easy to use and affordable industrial level inspecting solution, PointShape Inspector is a powerful 3D metrology software that allows to import all major CAD programs’ raw data and most of hardware manufacturers’ scan data.

It enables users to get real-time results from various inspection points and it’s feature-rich functionality will provide the most accurate analysis outcomes.

Inspector Features

Pointshape Inspector Details


A total of 8 powerful Alignment features make alignment quick and easy.


The Deviation function consists of Whole, Section and Point. This user-friendly feature can extract perfect results instantly.

Pointshape Inspector Details
Pointshape Inspector Details

2D, 3D Measurement

This software delivers a wide range of measurement tools that allow users to accomplish various tasks.

Section Curve

It supports exporting a section polyline from section data in DXF format for further task of reverse engineering in other program.

Pointshape Inspector Details
Pointshape Inspector Details


6 types of GD&T is available. Full functional GD&T is coming soon.


Not only PDF format, now editable Excel format is also available. Users now freely change images, information, templates, etc.

Pointshape Inspector Details


Inspect Multiple-Scans of a part or similar parts by recording the customized workflow using a scan and automatically execute it on other scans.

Pointshape Inspector Details

Simply Create Geometry

Using selection tool, various reference geometries can be created directly.

Pointshape Inspector Details
Pointshape Inspector Details

Smart Function

“SMART MACRO” Simply Drag n Drop. Placing multiple scan data in the same designated folder, the SMART MACRO will automatically search for those saved scan data to multiply process whole inspection step-by-step and create multiple reports without man involve.

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