Peopoly Phenom Prime

Phenom Prime MSLA Printer


Introducing Phenom Prime, the highest resolution MSLA printer in the Phenom line. It boasts an all-new 5484 x 3064 resolution (5.5K HD) panel with a best-in-class 51 um pixel pitch. The monochrome panel has a significantly higher light transmission rate that leads to an over 70% reduction in exposure time. When used in conjunction with Peopoly Deft resin and Peopoly FEP film, users can expect a 100% increase in speed over the current Phenom. Prime also has 3 times longer LCD panel expected lifespan than Phenom and sports the newly designed cooling system to handle the heat from printing. With a build volume of 276 × 155 x 400 mm, Phenom Prime is 400% bigger than Form3 and 500% faster when printing at full capacity.

MSLA is much faster than other resin technology when printing a large object or a full plate of small objects because the entire layer is cured of resin. Peopoly’s customized light engine has even more light distribution than other printers using MSLA technology and a cooling system to improve print results while extending the life of the mask.

Phenom Prime is also powered by the latest Chitu System controller board that can output up to 8K with faster processors. The upcoming CHITUBOX Pro software will have many advanced features and is the best slicer choice for Phenom Prime and Chitu Systems board.

Phenom Prime Specifications

Print volume: 277 × 156x 400 mm
Resolution: 51 um
Technology: MSLA 3D Printing
Printer Size: MSLA 3D Printing
Vat Volume: 2.5 kg
Panel Lifespan: 1200 on average using recommended resin and settings

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