Kreon Zephyr II Blue

Fast, accurate, versatile, the Kreon Zephyr II Blue 3D laser scanner meets all the requirements of demanding measurements. Moreover, the AQC feature (Auto Quality Check) brings the measurement quality under control of the user.

AQC : Auto Quality Check

The AQC makes possible to automatically control scan data quality: automatic compensation of the different material’s optical characteristics is performed during scanning to guarantee superior data quality. This provides maximum surface flexibility to capture shiny parts in their natural state without preliminary surface preparation.

Such functions as evaluation optimal scanning distance and displaying of real-time preview of scan data are also available. Scanning speed is totally user-controlled and adjustable according to the data density required by the application.

Kreon Zephyr II Blue
Technical Specifications
Scanning speed 250 000 pts/s
Accuracy 10 μ
Scanning area from 100 to 200 mm
Field of view 75 mm
Laser class Blue, 2M
Renishaw compatibility MIH, PH10 T, PH10 M/MQ Multiwire and IS1-2
Probe compatibility Hard probe, Renishaw TP 2/20/200
Machine interface Portable CMMs, robots, manual and driven CMMs

Kreon Polygonia software can be delivered as a stand-alone application for point collection and processing or as a plug-in into the world’s leading application software for 3D measurement, reverse engineering or quality inspection such as:

Metrolog, PowerInspect, PolyWorks, Capps, Geomagic, Inca3D, etc.

Moreover, the Kreon SDK offers all the necessary development tools to interface Kreon scanners, as well as all the CMMs and arms supported by Kreon, in any third-party application.

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