Kreon Solano

The Kreon Solano scanners’ characteristics are suitable for reverse engineering and quality control needs in workshop, engineering and design department or metrology room.

As Kreon previous products, Solano scanners give access to functionalities as varied as surface reconstruction, scan-to- CAD comparison, color coded visualization of deviations, etc. Operators can make critical go/no-go decisions, considerably improving product quality.

Solano laser scanners are plug-and-play with both Ace 6 and 7 axes measuring arms. They can also be integrated with the majority of arms presented at metrology market

Technical Specifications
Scanning speed 40 000 pts/s
Accuracy 30 μ
Scanning area from 100 to 200 mm
Laser class 2M
Dimensions 145 x 65 x 85 mm
Weight 400 g

Kreon Polygonia software can be delivered as a stand-alone application for point collection and processing or as a plug-in into the world’s leading application software for 3D measurement, reverse engineering or quality inspection such as:

Metrolog, PowerInspect, PolyWorks, Capps, Geomagic, Inca3D, etc.

Moreover, the Kreon SDK offers all the necessary development tools to interface Kreon scanners, as well as all the CMMs and arms supported by Kreon, in any third-party application.

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