Kreon Baces

Kreon Baces is a portable measurement arm, designed to acquire 3 dimensional coordinates from points, curves and surfaces with simple user operations.  Kreon Baces is the ideal instrument for digitizing, reverse-engineering and metrology applications.

Kreon Baces has a guaranteed permanent lifetime calibration resulting from the mechanical design in aluminium and carbon fibber, aimed to obtain a light but stable structure.

Kreon Baces communicates with the PC through a USB direct link cable. Point data acquisition and software commands are managed by a 3-button probe or by a foot pedal. A 7th axis with a handle can be added enabling the use of Kreon scanners (Zephyr II, Zephyr II Blue or Solano, Solano Blue).

Kreon Baces arm is interfaced to numerous well known CAD/CAM, reverse-engineering and metrology software systems, as Metrolog, Polyworks, Geomagic, PowerInspect, Capps, etc.

Kreon Baces
6 Axis
Arm Model Working Volume Probing performance
Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy
Baces M100 2.60 m 0.028 mm 0.044 mm
Baces G100 3.20 m 0.045 mm 0.064 mm
Baces M200 2.60 m 0.040 mm 0.065 mm
Baces G200 3.20 m 0.068 mm 0.095 mm
Baces XG200 4.20 m 0.098 mm 0.210 mm
Baces XL200 4.60 m 0.120 mm 0.350 mm
7 Axis
Probing performance Scanning Performance
Arm Model Working Volume Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy Zephyr II Solano
Baces M100 2.60 m 0.035 mm 0.052 mm 0.062 mm 0.075 mm
Baces G100 3.20 m 0.058 mm 0.077 mm 0.097 mm 0.095 mm
Baces M200 2.60 m 0.050 mm 0.080 mm
Baces G200 3.20 m 0.076 mm 0.100 mm

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