Curing box by Peopoly

Designed to cure large parts

* Expected about 2-3 weeks lead time for delivery.

This is a DIY kit and requires assembling

Peopoly Curing Box is designed to cure large parts up to 35 x 35 x 50cm. It has a powerful 405nm UV LED fixture and a timer.

UV energy level: 10mW/cm2 on average, variable by height,
Maximum Curing Size:350 x 350 x 500 mm

– Can cure large models or multiple smaller models to increase production efficiency.

– Has 405nm integrated UV lamp beads with heat dissipation aluminum plate and fan making a better heat dissipation

– More efficient and can save up to 80% electricity usage than traditional mercury lamps.

– Has internal reflective sheets that significantly increase the light utilization rate and increases UV light coverage

– Simple to operate and users can adjust the curing time

– Can work with commonly available turning table. There is a hole reserved at the bottom of the curing box for routing cables.

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